Code Product Qty Units
1RUS ARC01 4 Cheese Arancini (V)

A Rich blend of parmesan, fontal, tallegio and aged cheddar envelopes this sharp and creamy risotto base.

2.7kg 100
1RUS ARC03 Bolognaise & Pea Arancini

A labour of love. Traditional homemade bolognaise blended with fresh parmesan, our signature risotto base and finished with baby green peas.

2.7kg 100
1RUS ARC04 Saffron, Manchego & Fontina Arancini (V)

We start with our homemade risotto base, add a creamy fontal, a grassy manchego and a pinch of saffron to make this decadent bite come alive.

2.7kg 100
 1RUS ARC05  Spinach & Porcini Arancini (V)

A punch of porcini, the sharpness of parmesan and a handful of spinach are worked and rolled through our classic risotto base.

2.7kg 100
 1RUS ARC06  2 Cheese Arancini (GF) (V)

Our signature risotto base blended with parmesan and fontal, hand rolled and finished with a crisp, gluten free golden panko crumb.

2.7kg 100
 1RUS ARC08  Mac & Cheese Balls (V)

Grown up goodness and comfort food made fancy. Mac & cheese, rolled and wrapped into one perfect ball.

2.7kg 100
 1RUS CROQ01 Potato, Pea & Parmesan Croquettes (V)

Creamy smashed potatoes blended with parmesan, cut with lemon zest and green peas then coated in a crisp panko crumb – a new look to an old favourite.

3.0kg 100
 1RUS CROQ02 Salt Cod Citrus Fritters

Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. This creamy croquette is a fritter balanced bite of salt, sweet and zesty goodness.

3.0kg 100
 1RUS CROQ04 Jamon Croquettes

Straight from the Cantina, this decadent blend of jamon, 3 cheeses and fresh hot potato is tapas at its best.

3.0kg 100
 1RUS CROQ03 Pulled Beef, Corn & Potato Croquettes

This one packs a punch with deep flavours wrapped in soft buttery potatoes. We smoke the beef and char the corn for the ultimate taste adventure.

3.0kg 100
 1RUS EMP01 Red Bean & Fennel Empanadas

Decadent puff pastry surrounds this vibrant mix of whole kidney beans, rich tomato and urban spices to create a deliciously spiced bite.

3.0kg 100
 1RUS EMP02 Chilli Beef Empanadas

Head straight to South America with this buttery puff- fresh ground beef, spiced with paprika, fennel, nutmeg and cinnamon.

3.0kg 100
 1RUS FIL01  Chicken & Tarragon Pithiviers

Carefully constructed parcels of shortcrust pastry, filled with home-made chicken veloute, fresh tarragon, salt and pepper.

3.0kg 100
 1RUS FIL02 Moroccan Lamb Filo

A petite parcel of spiced goodness. Lamb, pomegranate, pine nuts and honey make up the base for this decadent triangle.

2.5kg 100
 1RUS WELL01  Mini Beef Wellingtons

Our take on a classic. Premium steak, red wine & mushroom duxelles enveloped in buttery puffy pastry- the perfect bite.

3.5kg 100
 1RUS KOF01  Lamb Koftas (GF)

A gluten free blend of premium ground lamb, crushed spices and fresh egg, hang rolled to create a Mediterranean delight.

3.5kg 100

Custom production is also available upon request. Contact Head Office for more details.